Have You Ever Reinvented Yourself?

April 26, 2016 Posted by Linda Vettrus-Nichols - No Comments


I lost my father to suicide just before returning to high school for my senior year. Come January I was involved in a gymnastics accident. My doctors were saying I would never dance again, in fact I’d be lucky if I could even walk.

I believe there is a gift in every challenge. It’s called REINVENTION. We can, at anytime in our lives reinvent ourselves.

Petra Monaco and Fariha Masud and I have proven it. I’m sure you have too at one point or another as well.

Petra and Fariha share their powerful stories of transformation in the book Change–It Starts Within.

“I grew up in foster care finding my way through the tunnels of abuse and figuring out how to fit in. As long as I can remember, I have always been a dreamer. When I finally started to take action to create what I envisioned, my life changed for the better. Through this process I came up with techniques and strategies that support my clients to do the same. I work with dreamers and multi-passionate entrepreneurs to help them harness their own power to follow their dreams.”  ~Petra Monaco

A few years ago I felt desperate to lose weight. I was about to head into an ice cream shop and I chose Jenny Craig instead. Even though I ended up losing 55 pounds, I was still uncomfortable about being in front of people. That was something else I wanted to shift. I am now a Zumba instructor and mindset coach. I enjoy living in the moment, laughing often and finding something positive in any situation. I believe it’s the vastness of the heart that makes us beautiful. I also believe it is important to make a choice and stand your ground.”  ~Fariha Masud

And yes, I did prove the doctors wrong. I walked and even danced!

final Change_Cover_for_Kindle

Having a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur turned into an interview idea for a Telesummit. After going through The CR Process my husband figured out and together we further developed, I was comfortable being on camera.

Now 50 some interviews later I have 8 small books representing 8 of my monthly online summits.

Change–It Starts Within is one of those books.

All 8 books are together in my compilation book:

We ARE One Woman and We DO Shine–Unity without Uniformity

I know you will enjoy these powerful stories and teachings.

3 D sm pic of We Are One Woman book

Change–It Starts Within is one of the 8 small books and part of the compilation book

We ARE One Woman and We DO Shine

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