Life Force of Conciousness

August 28, 2016 Posted by Linda Vettrus-Nichols - No Comments


To be fully conscious you must to be fully present. In order to be fully present you must be free from what Eckhart Tolle calls the Pain Body, which is a collection of powerful experiences in one’s past that affect one’s patterns of behavior.

In order to be free of the Pain Body, you get to stop feeding your Ego. Your Ego worries about the future and connects with the past via the Pain Body in order to dig up tons of reasons why something you’re about to do is unsafe and even harmful to yourself or others.

Have you ever read “The New Earth,” by Eckhart Tolle? My favorite chapter is The Pain Body. This chapter and the two that follow it are very eye opening. They help to put life into perspective. For instance, when we finally recognize the Pain Body we can begin to heal.

Most of our thinking is involuntary, automatic, and repetitive. The voice in our head has a life of its own. The mind is conditioned by the past, forcing us to reenact the past again and again.

When we identify with the mind we can easily live in the past. When we identify with our soul, we can easily live with ultimate inner peace.

When we walk at the level of our soul, we are detached from our Pain Body.

The unwillingness of the human mind to let go of the past is what gets us in trouble. It’s a heavy burden to accumulate memories without letting go of the past. It’s actually life threatening and at the very least hard on our health.

The past lives in our memories and yet it is not the movies of those memories that is the problem. It is our reaction– our emotional reaction to those movies that literally makes us or breaks us.

I believe that the first step in healing is understanding. Although there is nothing to heal when you walk at the level of your soul, which is between the Pain Body and the Ego, keeping the two apart.

When we are fully conscious, walking at the level of our soul, we have a better sense of Oneness within ourselves and with others. It is also much easier for us to unite in Sisterhood which is more important than ever these days.



Our culture has changed so much in North America and most likely in many places worldwide. We used to have a tribe of women of various ages around us at all times. For instance, grandmas, aunties, cousins, mothers, and perhaps sisters. We are no longer so inter-connected. Our friendships with other women are extremely important these days. We used to have that connection within family, we would be able to get that intergenerational teaching and nobody, like, went crazy, cuz there was always someone to process with.



It’s so spiritual darling. Struggles are ‘sooo’ spiritual. Oh really? That much I know isn’t true it just feels that way at times.


Spiritual Truth

I’m the former Baptist Sunday school teacher. I can help people up leveling their Christian spiritual life. I am a bridge. It’s not about doing something sacrilegious or something like that. The people I’ve helped do go into a lot of fear over it though. I’m like, ‘No, everything is as it’s supposed to be.’

I’ve studied scripture. I was in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) for six years and that’s equivalent to two years of seminary. So I am a bridge as things are moving forward and as people are able to fit higher consciousness or Christ Consciousness into their belief system. Spiritual Truth runs throughout the Bible. It is the same truth that is found in all of the indigenous religions of the world.

It’s so beautiful because it’s about awakening even the awakened ones. So that we all really appreciate the things that we’ve been able to remember. We are all the same in that we are all human and as Combat Veteran Patricia Alston Harris says, “Unity without Uniformity is what it’s all about.” We do have these abilities and we just aren’t as awakened as we can be. All those filters that parents put on us or you know, even having a predator in our lives, those things can get in our way as well.