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February 1, 2016 Posted by Linda Vettrus-Nichols - No Comments

We all have a story inside us. I interviewed over 50 women this year, mostly during the last quarter of 2015. My coach had asked me a question I couldn’t answer, “What would make you happy?” I really didn’t have an answer because I am so happy in my new life with my new husband. Well, he’s not so new these days it just feels like it.

I knew what wouldn’t make me happy and so we started there. Then as I was reaching out to passionate entrepreneurs and I figured out a way get them on camera with a power point slide show with their message. I wrote 100 word first person bios for them and created their power points. That my friends has made me extra happy. I love organizing things and people. I love to help people make sense of things. People buy people so I made sure their bios were raw, with no kudos, and authentic to each guest.

I put together seven online events that will continue to happen for months. January was, WORD–Get It Out There. My guests were amazing and included Kelly Epperson of Birth that Book.

Speaking of books, I am pulling together some of my guests for a compilation book entitled: “We ARE One Woman and We DO Shine: Unity without Uniformity.” Patricia Alston Harris has agreed to write the forward. She is a woman veteran who was the first woman as well as first black person to hold the highest office in the American Legion in North Carolina. She has also been through our CR Process and is doing quite well. She has been out doing social proof with Terry as he speaks at American Legions and for the military.

6 Women Veterans and there amazing stories…

I am so honored and excited to introduce you to my guests. If you think Blab or Periscope are cool, check out how I did these interviews…

Women Veterans–Speaking Up and Moving Forward

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