Strong Foundation, Overwhelm, and Fear

August 4, 2016 Posted by Linda Vettrus-Nichols - No Comments

Strong Foundation, Overwhelm, and Fear

Stability is about being shakeable like a tree or a building. Both have a firm foundation. The tree has it’s roots and unlike a building those roots are connected to other trees and an entire eco-system. A building only has itself and its foundation. The Bible refers to building a firm foundation of faith.

Foundation is so much a part of strength. The firmer the foundation the stronger say a tree, building or person is to weather storms or whatever. Noticing what keeps us individually stable is crucial for success.

I can get into overwhelm. I can stay there or I can check-in and make a decision about what’s going to get me out of overwhelm.

When I get a sense of overwhelm, I ask myself a question for instance: “What has gotten me out of overwhelm in the past?” One of my answers would be: “Walking! Just go for a walk.”

So if I’m starting to feel some sort of overwhelm I might say, okay, it’s time for a walk. You know? It’s kind of like “I’m cold, put on a sweater.” This takes us out of victimhood. It is a way to walk at the level of your soul out of the emotions of the Pain Body or the Ego. It’s a place of detachment and a place of empowerment.

You get to be the child and the parent all at the same time. You get to be your own coach. It’s very important to have your own coach, but the coach isn’t right there 24/7. You get to be your own coach and that really helps develop your coaching skills when you can actually coach yourself. My clients coach themselves for 7 days after the first part of a process I take them through, The CR Process, which is a 30 day VIP experience.

Research says the best thing is self-coaching, especially around mindset, because it puts in new neuro-pathways and then you can check-in with your coach. Tweak your mindset just a little bit and you’ll get further faster. Right?

So stability is actually about being shakable. The fear is going to be there. It’s going to start to shake us. It’s truly about getting back to center and walking at the level of your soul.


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