“We ARE One Woman and We DO Shine: Unity without Uniformity”

April 12, 2016 Posted by Linda Vettrus-Nichols - No Comments

Having a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur turned into an interview idea for a Telesummit. Now 50 some interviews later we have a compilation book and 8 individual books!

I know you will enjoy these powerful stories and teachings.

As women, we are individuals who can unite in authentic ways. I believe it is important to do our inner work and strengthen our own character so we can be a role model of compassion and success for other women.


I would like to thank all of my interview guests for being courageous and sharing their personal stories of transformation as well as their teachings.

Spending time with each women was a very spiritual experience that I will never forget.

Here’s the best part about publishing 9 books in one month…

All proceeds from the sale of the books go directly to Suicide Prevention for Veteran’s and their families.

Amazon: Linda Vettrus-Nichols (all 9 books)


Meet my 16 Amazing Guests…

Allyson Tuft—Age 16, developed PTSD after a house fire in her neighborhood, she is now symptom free.

Birgitte Melnick—After 34 years of marriage lost the love of her life and walked around in a fog for 3 years.

Debbie Sodergren—Heart surgery at age 4, near death experience, created a way to get into deep meditation quickly.

Meilin Ehlke—Born with Cerebral Palsy in her legs, learned that we blossom when we embrace our safeguarded emotions.

Kristy Russ—The Renegade Pharmacist now knows how to bust through the health myths we’ve been told.

Natalie Edwards—Conquered the emotions of growing up with Scoliosis and developed exercises to help other sufferers.

Petra Monaco—Foster child in Germany, mother to 4 boys, abusive marriages, and a child who has had 3 liver transplants.

Fariha Masud—Felt desperate to lose weight, now believes that it is the vastness of our heart that makes us beautiful.

Kathy Perry— When her husband died of a massive heart attack, she took a serious look at what she really wanted to do.

Kelly Epperson—Has always been drawn to words and writing. She sees how our words and our stories connect us.

Anna Gonzales—Put herself second in all of her relationships, changed her behavior, and now helps soldiers transition.

Lila Holley—Transitioned from the Army as a CW4 and was caught off guard by the emotional challenges that hit her in the face.

Charlotte Olsson Bauer—STYLE, not just about the clothes you wear, it’s about accepting the parts of yourself you are not fond of.

Naomi Tickle—Her childhood dream of being on stage came true as she shared the stage with Deepak Chopra and Dr. Oz.