Are YOU a Social Time Bomb?

August 17, 2017 Posted by Terry Earthwind Nichols - No Comments

There is a new industry emerging on the internet and is simply a question and answer survey of one’s own memories without all the emotion or drama involved.

Sound cool? Let’s take a look…

Recent research is finding that many of the behavioral health issues we have been tagged with as having a ‘disorder’ of some kind are not true. In fact, what is controlling our thoughts is not even a malfunction of the mind.

WHAT!? Keep reading…

Repetitive behaviors are just that – repetitive. A good definition would be when any human makes a conscious decision to do or not do something – stop smoking – and fails to do so two or more times = this is a repetitive behavior.

We learn by repeating – that simple. We learned the A, B, C’s by repeating the sequence over and over again until we memorized them and created a repetitive behavior around them. Your mind isn’t broken because you can remember the A, B, C’s AND your mind isn’t broken because you can’t stop smoking.

The top four behaviors being studied by Evolutionary Healer, LLC, headquartered in Asheville, NC is PTS, C-PTS, Sexual Trauma, and Suicide Ideation, although alcoholism and weight management are next in line.

Now let’s take a look at a ‘Social Time Bomb’ from a different view. Many persons were victims of a highly emotional event early in childhood that they have no recall of what-so-ever. In other words, it is amnesic.

Now, something happens to us at an early enough age – before we can talk – we do not have a way of communicating what happened to us to our parents causing the memory of the event to become amnesic. Amnesia is what happens when the brain decides to protect the person from the trauma inside the memory and so it creates a protection device around the memory we call a deflection driver.

The job of the subconscious is to make sure we do not remember this memory again. NOW! Because we learn in sequence, stated above, the deflective driver also becomes sequential to protect the memory from being discovered by the conscious and remembered.

As we age, we become more and more educated on the sequence method of recall and our deflection driver becomes more and more tricky. Remember – nothing is broken in your mind – it is working as designed.

We can all agree that we undertake many challenges in our lives and in doing so, we all know they can be very emotional – loss of a parent, divorce, house burns down, fire fight in combat. These additional highly charged memories now become part of the deflection driver’s tools to keep you from remembering the original memory. The result is most commonly PTSD, repeated victimization, alcoholism, and many more repetitive behaviors that we cannot control. Or can we?
So now let’s talk about that ‘time bomb’ ticking inside you.

We have very high respect for the behavioral sciences and what they have been able to accomplish over the last couple of hundred years. We now have another tool to use to stop these repetitive behaviors we have been talking about.

Today, like never before, we can talk to anyone anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night. This is in itself has become a major problem because of the internet. Yes, the internet! We are just now learning to be nice on social media because what we say is seen by the world not like talking to someone in person where you could get attacked physically. Our manners aren’t as present when we talk on the internet.

Many people I interact with are being treated for many ‘disorders’ with medications. Many such medications are very strong to keep the person from losing their temper. When the person forgets to take their medications, significant changes can and do appear for these people at an inopportune time.

I am very active on the internet and thus am a member of many groups in which we have calls about different issues facing society. People searching for acceptance with their ‘disorders’ in society can be very challenging for them. These people have very high IQ’s and are a joy to listen to when they take their ‘meds.’ However, when they get on the platform of chat or talk and they forget their meds, they are very loud and angry about the subject causing anything in the group from triggering to anger for their behavior. The result, very often, is that person is asked to leave the group. WRONG thing to do because that is the LAST THING that person needs is more exclusion and not inclusion.

The 21st Century is an amazing place to live and it has many challenges with people all over the world forgetting their manners. Do not fall victim and forget YOUR MANNERS too. Invite the person to a conversation about how much you care for their input to the group and you want them to continue to be part of the group. Ask them for a password you can say that is ‘code’ for – did you take your meds or you are too loud.

Society, including myself, have become too disconnected from our manners and are less willing to reach out help others who need us rather than just hitting the ‘unfriend’ button or leaving a group you enjoy and look forward to regularly.

Remember, you will get back what you give so give yourself love first and then give love to others and watch how much love comes back at you from so many ways.

Do you hear something ticking in your ear?