Do You See February as the End of Winter or the Beginning of Spring?

February 12, 2017 Posted by Terry Earthwind Nichols - No Comments

I spent my childhood in the northern Rockies of Idaho where it was not uncommon to have two feet of snow overnight and yet school always started late but DID NOT close for the day. Where I lived, we were prepared for consider snow falls and snow removal was quick and efficient.

February was a time of the year when we began to tire of the weather and began to dream spring and, ultimately, the end of the school year. I laugh loudly as hits home for me in my sixty-fourth year of life. I dare believe there are children in school this very year who would fully agree with me.

Our calendars show spring a little later in the year and still we didn’t care about the calendar! We want spring NOW! Spring as the new beginning of life under the snows of the Northern Hemisphere.

I live in western North Carolina now and winter only comes for a few days at a time in these last few winters. Today is February 12, 2017 and the weather warm and a slight breeze can be felt across my cheeks as I walk with my family along a walking trail nearby my home. Ah what a beautiful day I must enjoy and I owe this to living one day at a time because that is really all we have is today as our present. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow doesn’t exist yet. Only the present for me to enjoy on this sunny day in my mountain home.

We can find a lot of stories about these times in Earth’s journey along a continuum of, as we humans call it, time. When others including myself do not recognize time in the universe for there is no time in the other world of mind.

So, in my mind on this day of beauty in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina I declare “Spring is Coming!” Get ready planting gloves; clean your golf clubs; find the camping gear and check to see if everything is ready; AND declare for yourself “Spring is Coming!”

“Spring is Coming!”