EAP Services

Employee Assistance Program Capability Statement of Expertise

8 Call Repetitive Behavior Process

24/7 Call Center with customized toll-free number
(Note: if a call should go to voicemail, EH staff will return call within 5 minutes of receipt of voicemail into the system.

Please remember, the ‘stigma’ of entering an office is removed with our contract as we are far more effective over the phone resulting in a higher participation rate.
TDD services also available by appointment as this is a limited use service.

Counseling/therapy services
Should such services be warranted, sessions will be arranged accordingly by licensed professionals – over phone or in some instances – face to face.

Childcare services : referrals.

Temporary housing : referrals.

Domestic violence : referrals.

Eldercare services
Through a national referral company – free to your employees.

Pet care services : referrals.

Legal services : referrals.

211.org for additional resources.

Contact support follow-up by staff.

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