Earthwind Academy


Terry Earthwind Nichols, known as the Father of Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ (RBCR) and his wife Linda Vettrus-Nichols are a dynamic duo of transformation. People have always come to Terry and Linda for wisdom and discernment in difficult situations. They believe that when people have clarity they are able to take focused action. Finding a simple solution creates clarity and helps to move their clients forward.

The Earthwind Academy was created from RBCR clients desiring to help others with this unique process. The focus of the academy is on education, research, and development of The CR Process and its effects on various repetitive behaviors. This online academy is set up to train and certify RBCR Practitioners (RBCRP) as well as RBCR Master Practitioners (RBCRMP) from a unique, global classroom.

Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ CR Practitioner Certification 

Pre-requisite 30 Day CR Process (see The CR Process page)

Class Overview

The CR Process is a Question & Answer Process

Four Phases of RBCR…

Phase I:  Intake & Setup
Cellular Memory Overview
Involuntary Muscle Movement as indicators of stress
Correlating the Upper Body with the Feet
Conscious & Subconscious synchronization for memory recall
Neural-pathways and how they work
Involuntary vs. Voluntary Muscle Movement

Phase II:  The Three Memories
Split Screening during the CR Session
Location, Age, Physical Observations
Senses & Physical Observations
Panoramic View and Physical Observations
Missing, Odd, Can’t be Remembered Information
Above and Below
Driver Sense for the next memory

Phase III:  Putting It All Together
Reviewing The Three Memories
Looking at the Missing, Odd, and Can’t be Remembered
information from The Three Memories
Determine whether or not to move on to a fourth memory
Finding the keys to the backdoor of the Active Block

Phase IV:  Block & Release
Identifying the Active Block
Verbal Release
Neutralization wording
Journal Analysis

Weekly Homework
Download and review of CR Guidelines and Research Report
Active Observation of Voluntary vs. Involuntary Muscle Movement
and how it pertains to RBCR
Assigned partners
Private, personal study of your own CR and 7 Day Journal from going through The CR Process
Applicable communications, forms, and documents

Enjoy Teaching?
The RBCR Master’s Certification is for you!
(Prerequisite: RBCR Practitioner Certification)

Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ Master Certification enables you to teach others this life changing process.

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