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We work with Trail Blazers, Truth Seekers, and Paradigm Shifters helping them to create their unique coaching programs. We offer hands-on-help via interactive online documents and real time conversations. We guide and assist you with the creation of your freebie and signature system so that you have higher conversions and retention rates. Whether you are still figuring out your messaging/POV or wanting help creating group coaching materials from your individual coaching program we can help you create more engaging, proven, and transformational coaching curriculum that enhances retention rates and results in brand loyalty. There is also plenty of help with learning Relationship Marketing and improving your sales conversations.


My business and personal prosperity has shifted more in three months than in the past thirteen years. When I came to Terry and Linda for help, I was $30,000 in debt and had already had two other unsuccessful business ventures. I was moving in a hundred different directions to pay the bills for my Spirit Ranch. I was confused as to how to pay for this dream as I was not paying myself for my current programs. In the past, I was operating my Equine Assisted Psychotherapy business with love of the work. Now I am out of debt and have chosen to expand the opportunities we offer our clients at Spirit Ranch. Our clients have felt this energy shift and are referring more wellness seeking folks.

G. Ann Remick-Barlow, NMLISW


New sm pic 2 of 3 Rock oceanWe have developed a process to find and defuse an unknown block that drives behavior patterns and keeps a person STUCK. This particular block is not just a blind spot. It has the ability to outwit even the most experienced of coaches. Through our research we are now able to pull back the curtain revealing the unknown source that actively avoids, diverts, and deflects its presence. Our clients find the peace and breakthroughs they are looking for in their business and their lives. When you get to that place of “enough is enough” and are ready to put your stake in the ground to change your life for the better, the CR Process is for you. As Terry Earthwind Nichols says, “I am here to learn what is next to learn to help me get to where I am going.”


Thanks to The CR Process, I am now able to tap into my full potential. I feel strong, powerful, and deeply connected to myself. I make better decisions, aligned with what I truly want, and I make them faster. I have developed a clear vision for my life, in private and in business, and I follow this vision with energy and faith. For the first time in my life, I feel inner peace on a day-to-day basis. I feel grounded and free. The fabulous work that Terry and Linda do has fundamentally changed my life for the better. All this has been such a wonderful experience that I am now a Certified RBCR Master Practitioner.

Simone Wiedenhöft, Germany



We are a global, online, educational organization committed to training and certifying RBCR Practitioners. We also have a RBCR Master Practioner Program for our practitioners who enjoy teaching others how to facilitate The CR Process. Terry Earthwind Nichols is the only RBCR Grand Master Practitioner at this time. We will host a Grand Master class in the future. RBCR is gaining worldwide attention with a current reach of 5 continents, 12 countries, and 24 U.S. states. RBCR is changing and saving lives every day. Six out ten clients become RBCR Practitioners in order to help others reach a deep sense of calm and inner peace that will eventually create world peace. Having your own CR is a pre-requisite to entering the Earthwind Academy.


During my nursing career, I saw death, pain and suffering on a daily basis. I have had life fade before me on multiple occasions. Over the years, I became quite callused and unfeeling or unemotional which bled over into my personal life. Rarely would I ever feel emotion as I had also placed a barrier here. I have noticed that since our session when I see something on TV or in real life, I can now feel emotion and actually cry from being happy or sad. For this, I will be forever grateful.

Andy Besser, Emergency Room Nurse