A Glamping We Did Go…

August 6, 2015 Posted by Linda Vettrus-Nichols - No Comments

Terry and I enjoyed another weekend of glamping with Colonel Marshall and Princess Grace. Marshall was obviously out of uniform!

They love the tent and are learning to stick around if off-leash. We only dare do that part if their food is about ready. LOL

Last weekend we were on top of Mount Pisgah, 5000 ft. up and only 30 min. from our home in Asheville, NC.

Glamping to us means a triple-high queen size air mattress and two anti-gravity chairs. We don’t enjoy a smokey fire however we do appreciate the indigenous history of gathering in community around the fire.

After human beings developed language, they began to sit around the fire in community. The fire circle was round so that all who were present could receive the light and heat equally. This circle of people helped to prevent the wind from blowing out the fire. It was also used to give everyone an equal opportunity to cook their meal.

From developing community around the fire people discussed the happenings and experiences of the day. Many lessons were learned during this special time, thus creating teachings from the fire.

In this spirit of teaching from the fire, it is my intent to further build community by imparting experiences and knowledge to you in this format, this blog.

The first thing I would like to review is being in your word. This is an important concept that will get you out of a negative emotion and into a positive state of mind. This will help you with client attraction.

Be YOUR Word for the Day

What is coming up for you today?

If it’s Fear, think of a word that is the exact opposite of Fear for example Courage. Be that word for the day. Show up in the world as Courage. What would Courage look like for you? Perhaps it’s to call someone on your “chicken list”, someone who you are afraid to call because they might say no. Perhaps you’ve convinced yourself that they will say no.

Know that Fear is a sign that you are moving forward in your business. Fuel the fire of that fear and get your Point of View out into the world. You are here to help the rest of us remember what we have forgotten.