My Wife is 60! – Are we THIS Old already?

June 8, 2017 Posted by Terry Earthwind Nichols - No Comments

When I was ten years old, I thought girls became women when they got into high school. After all, they could drive a car and go to the high school football games. Right? Let’s not forget “dating!”

When I was a sophomore in high school, all the “women” were in college. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? YES, you are! I was much more mature for my age than my friends and it paid off big.

I have always been attracted to older women and them to me. My first wife was older by a few months and acted way more mature than her then twenty-one years. In fact, most all of the females I have dated in my life were from one to sixteen years older than me at the time. Yes, sixteen years and a hot woman from a physical perspective and as I found out in short order, HOT temper too if things did not go her way every time.

Advance the time machine thirty-two years later and here I am divorced. My daughter is out on her own and loving life and here I am back in the “saddle” again, right? YUP! Dating older women even though I was in my mid-fifties. Until somebody happened. Yes, that’s right—somebody happened…

You guessed it – I met this hot younger (three years) chick in her mid-fifties and instantly knew she was to be mine. She is now 60 and still looking much younger than her age. To say I envy her is an understatement.

This is all well and good and not what I want to talk about today my friends. I want to talk about living long enough to be old. Think about that for a moment. So many of us don’t get this far – do we? But here I am still healthy and making good things happen in my world.

My father died at forty-two, my mother died at fifty-two and my only sibling died at fifty-eight years old. I tell you, when I hit fifty-nine—I was CELEBRATING!

My wife takes good care of me and a good example is she brought me into the organic foods arena and proper supplements. Within three months I had lost over seventy pounds and in just three more months, I was off of all FIVE of my daily medications and I’m still off of them seven years later.

This is NOT a commercial or an endorsement for anything other than eating better foods makes a huge difference my friend. When was last time you bought organic carrots as an example and taste tested them against regular store variety carrots? WOW! What a difference in the taste alone not to mention receiving a lot more vitamins.

Just ten years ago you could see me entering the drive-thru of most fast food restaurants three to five times per week AND at all hours of the day and night. My wife changed all of that by simply changing the way I saw and enjoyed food.

As I sit here writing this article to you, I continue to reflect on my life and all that I have accomplished and there is a lot. Great daughter who adores me, a wife completely devoted to loving and caring for me beyond mere words can say, and a profound feeling of self-worth that gets me up every day to help people all over the world stop PTSD, Sexual Trauma, Suicide Ideation and many more repetitive behaviors without counseling or therapy.

Hope this touched some of you today enough to have a conversation with your loved ones and perhaps make some changes in your life too.