March 15, 2016 Posted by Linda Vettrus-Nichols - No Comments

This for all of you out in Social Medialand.

Our country is at a significant crossroads like no other time since the Civil War resulting in brother killing brother.

We have open violence that is tolerated through fear.

The greatest country on Earth will give in to thugs who carry hate as an excuse for violence.

YOU are the difference between the world you fear and the world we deserve America.

YOU have THE weapon of victory attached to your arm my friends. It’s your VOTING HAND and it is more powerful than money, guns, organized opposition, or ethical cowardice.

Only the VOTE can change America back to the ONE PEOPLE who are America – all colors, all religions, all agendas – WE THE PEOPLE and the RIGHT to VOTE is the answer.

Take care of you first, then your family, your friends, and the PEOPLE around you. For just as we were ONE NATION in uniform, we are still ONE NATION in our hearts.

Drink lots of good water and eat good food. Save something for someone else who is hurting.

We are a good nation of good people and you GET TO prove it to the world.

I give you peace. There is no greater gift.

Please share these words of hope and simply SMILE at someone today and everyday. ~ Earthwind