Stop Numbing Out with EFT

September 20, 2016 Posted by Linda Vettrus-Nichols - No Comments

Stop Numbing Out with EFT


Get in touch with your Vibrational Design


Learn Who You Really Are

So you can…

Notice → Release → Shift → Focus

That’s what Clarity is all about!

Focus Focus Focus


So how do you attain focus?


Take the Vibrational Design Assessment

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The Vibrational Design Assessment is…

-Relevant to who you really are
-A deep dive into your own essence

So you can…

-Raise your level of awareness
-Be prescriptive in the Sales Conversation
-Shift your perspective
-Notice where you are at, at any given moment
-Claim your freedom
-Focus on the outcomes
-Release what no longer serves you
-Find your inner peace
-Attain & keep your focus
-Stop spinning & Get shit done


By taking the Vibrational Design Assessment
you will learn how to…

-Set in place powerful attractor energy fields
-Find your Authentic Vibration
-Attract your Authentic Tribe, Clients, and Pricing
-Make mindset changes & repattern your brain
-Calibrate vibrationally appropriate clients
-Develop noticing skills which is more than mindest work
-Set your Authentic Pricing for that automatic “Yes, please!”