One World One Love, One People One Peace

July 22, 2015 Posted by Linda Vettrus-Nichols - No Comments

We are the masters of our own destiny and because we are all interconnected, we cannot become successful without each other. Creating time for connection, in this Age of Aquarius, is about the coming together of the people as one:

One World One Love, One People One Peace

So what does that mean?

One World: A conscious interconnected system of commerce and social care that is heart-based and has yet to be created

One Love: Understanding that divine love comes from within

One People: Our collective divinity of being respectful of others and their point of view

One Peace: Heart-centered, conscious people who are considerate of others and understand how what they do as an individual affects the rest of the world

Being conscious of how we think allows us to be more sensitive to what our actions could mean for others. The more inner peace and love we have for ourselves, the more aware we are of how our actions and reactions affect others.

“We are born with an already established personality. As we age, we become witness to various stimuli that changes the way we look at the world and how we will act and react in it.” -Earthwind

One World, One Love, One People, One Peace

Make it a reality!