The CR Process and You

April 21, 2016 Posted by Linda Vettrus-Nichols - No Comments


I believe it is important to parent and grow the traumatized child, the fearful child within. It is important to get help finding the Active Block, that one thing that has been driving your behaviors all of your life. Traumatic things may have happened in your life but that doesn’t mean you took them in as trauma. Parents are suppose to keep you safe and when they don’t, it can be very traumatic.

Parents are not suppose to laugh at you or mock you or talk about you behind your back. If they do, those things can be traumatic as well. One woman’s experience can be another woman’s nightmare. It’s all about perception. Our perception leads to our internal understanding. If our perception is skewed, our understanding is compromised. When our understanding is compromised we can easily victimize what is happening. It begins to feel like things happen to us and that we don’t have choices. Our language begins to change.

This particular block is not just a blind spot. It has the ability to outwit even the most experienced of coaches. Through our research we are now able to pull back the curtain revealing the unknown source that actively avoids, diverts, and deflects its presence. Our clients find the peace and breakthroughs they are looking for in their business and their lives, returning to their coaches ready for success.

When our fears begin to surface, our anxiety can go through the roof. I am grateful for the process that I take people through so they no longer live in fear and anxiety. Through this process, fear and anxiety come up less and less as my clients learn to live and walk at the level of their soul. It becomes their natural way of being and doing.

The first step is to assist them in unplugging their movie player so they can release and neutralize anyone who has a hold on them emotionally, including themselves. In doing so, great relief is attained. A profound sense of inner peace washes over the client, just with the first step of The CR Process. Second is to help them pattern ‘noticing skills’ within their brain.

I empower my clients to unplug the movie player which keeps them spinning in their patterns. My clients receive clarity, peace of mind, joy, confidence, self-control, as well as the ability to let go of fear, shame, and guilt. This creates forward motion in their life, better relationships, a more lucrative business, and the ability to stay fully present with themselves and others.

Evolutionary Healer is gaining national and international attention in the area of suicide prevention, Post-Traumatic Stress and other repetitive behaviors such as multiple relationships/coaches, self-sabotage, procrastination, successive business failures, etc. Our clients and CR Practitioners span over 5 continents and are in 11 countries including 3 Canadian Provinces and 22 US States.

We now have a non-profit arm of and have created Global Projects for Repetitive Behavior.