The Face of Suicide is NOT What You Think

August 10, 2017 Posted by Terry Earthwind Nichols - No Comments

I recently read an article in Medical Daily “Committing Suicide Increases Family, Friends’ Risk Of Attempting Suicide By 65%.” By Susan Scutti


The list of known reasons for people to take their own life is far too long for us to look today.

BUT let’s take a look at a few.

The most read about suicide is death by gun and murder/suicide on social media today.

My company Evolutionary Healer works with people suffering from a multitude of repetitive behaviors including Post-Traumatic Stress, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress, Sexual Trauma, Suicide Ideation, Alcoholism and so many more. In just 5 years we have grown from a mom and pop operation to having clients and practitioners on 5 continents in 12 countries including 25 US States.

The success of our business is centered around what we do for not only our clients but with their families as well. What does that mean?

Behaviors are learned – period.

Further, behaviors perpetuate through the family unit like the common cold. In other words, we as children observe our elders and learn from their behaviors and mimic these behaviors later in life as natural behaviors.

So, what happens when a behavior is observed that is not in the “good” category?

Since the family and close friends have an increased probability of ending their own life in an unnatural way, it is important to know that this ‘perpetuation’ can be stopped in the family unit ‘before’ another tragedy can happen.

Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ (RBCR) is the main way we stop Suicide Ideation in Veterans and their families by finding an amnesic memory deep in their early childhood by using the 5 senses to describe memories and not ‘telling the story’ of memories which is commonly used today.

RBCR continues to stop repetitive behaviors all over the globe consistently without counseling or therapy and no office visits as this are accomplished over Skype, Zoom and recently Facebook’s Private Messenger using the video call feature.

What does this have to do with the families? EVERYTHING!

We have learned that after the primary person goes through the process, the rest of the family not only sees the result but are eager to go through it as well. NOW we have stopped the perpetuation of the behaviors.

September is Suicide Prevention Month and Evolutionary Healer along with The Good Men Project will be talking about Suicide Ideation and ways to identify impending suicide as well as how to get help when you find that someone in your family is heading towards suicide. We’ll are planning Twitter Chats every Wednesday night of September as that day is the day where the most suicide occur, to talk.

On September 27, 2017 from 11:00 am Eastern until 1:00 pm Eastern, we will be hosting a tele-summit called Suicide Discussed. This will be a live event with Terry Earthwind Nichols, Chairman of Evolutionary Healer and Lisa Hickey, CEO of The Good Men Project as your hosts. Look for more information on how to sign-up to be part of this important discussion on Facebook page: The Good Men Project as well as Twitter #GMPSocial.

Remember – the “face of suicide is no the victim.” It’s the survivors.

For more information on RBCR and Evolutionary Healer just click here.