The Holidays Are Over – Now What?

January 8, 2017 Posted by Terry Earthwind Nichols - No Comments

As I sit here at my desk looking out the window at a bright sun shining day with fresh snow on the ground, I reflect on my life’s journey and how January and February are so hard on us all in the Northern Hemisphere.

Death and dying have a significant part in life of my adult life. The loss of my father when I was just 17 followed by my mother’s death just 6 years later leaving behind only my brother and myself.

After retiring from the US Navy at the old age of 38, I found myself employed in the funeral business as a funeral assistant and operations manager. It was here that Suicide came to know me quite well as our funeral home served the families of those who took their own lives.

In researching suicide, I found that January and February had a significantly higher suicide rate than other months of the year. Many have theories on what thoughts each person carries with them to the grave.

As I look out on this beautiful scene, I am reminded that even now so many years later I am still touching suicide, but in a different way.
Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression™ (CR) stops PTSD, MST, Suicide Ideation, Alcoholism and many more repetitive behaviors without counseling, therapy or medications and without office visits. #CRWorks because the client does not speak of the horrible stories that plague them night and day. No, we ask them to close their eyes and describe 3 memories that have no connection to what they are suffering from one at a time using their 5 senses. No stories or history or why’s and because – just what do you smell – one item at a time.

I have seen the side of a 28-story building roof ready to step once more and end my pain. I know what it feels like inside.

Many of you who will read this post know what both I and my people all over the world to stop repetitive behaviors and yet you are reading this yet again. Good for you because THIS time it may finally get through to you that TODAY the nightmares end…

~ Terry Earthwind Nichols