When You Release What No Longer Serves YOU

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When you release what No Longer Serves YOU,
You Become the Evolutionary Leader You Came Here to Be

To become an effective leader, I get to figure out how to serve as many people as I can. I also get to grasp how valuable what I know is and that what I’ve been through is part of my value.

An effective leader is an effective partner. I get to listen more, give respect, schedule dates to do things together, and have more spontaneous fun.

When it comes to spirituality, I get to stay fully present and live from my soul, out of my Pain Body and Ego (the big one and the little one).

I get to remember that I am not here to heal but to remember. We all are here to learn to understand each other. We are here to run alongside one another, cheering each other on. We are from the same source, together we complete one another.

I am a dancer and I have always wanted to dance. My spirit communicates with me through dance. My inner work is done through the dance. I am a better person and leader when I listen to my soul dance.

As an effective leader, I get to embody spiritual truths and the knowledge I have in my head. Embodiment is about taking action. It’s about being open to take that action. I get to be willing to receive. One way I embody my thoughts is to write them down and get them out of my head so I can organize them into a To Do List. To not embody one’s thoughts is to live in drama which is addictive and just as harmful as substance abuse.

To be an effective leader, I get to Show Up, Be Seen, and Live Large! How about you?

Owning Your Story
People don’t want to hear EVERYTHING about you. They do want to hear the significant pieces from your life story, the ones they can relate to. This is very important when in a leadership role.

10 Biggest Breakthroughs in My Life

#1 Charging for My Services
When I became an entrepreneur, I had no idea how to figure out what to charge. I’ve had months where I couldn’t even give my services away. Formal networking groups used to exhaust me and my elevator pitch did not sound authentic. I felt un-supported in my life and in three my businesses. Then I found myself in a new marriage, with wonderful emotional support but that didn’t happen until I learned to love myself.

I started out not charging anything when I was helping parents pull their kids out of biochemical ADD/ADHD, learning difficulties, and Autism. My first husband was a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). He started saying, “You need to charge for your services.” So, I started charging $50, then $150, then I set up packages for parents.

After entering the coaching world with my new husband 5 years ago, we had a VIP Day with high-end coaches. I went home thinking my husband would be selling the $5K coaching package our coaches put together for us. It was actually me who made our first two sales within our first month.

They say the fortune is in the follow-up which is so true. Coaching events paid out $12K and $48K within 3 weeks of follow-up. AWESOMENESS!

#2 Understanding That We Are All Connected

They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.”
-Mexican Proverb

We are all connected. Coffins just slow us down a bit. If you died and they tossed you into the woods, you would become part of a tree or a plant or a weed (well some of you would become a weed). Then you would become food for a bee and/or a bird. Are you getting this yet?

#3 Be the Sage ‘I’ Want to See in the World!
Upon discovering that I am an Alchemist and taking various Archetype Quizzes, I had a better understanding of the wording I could use to attract my ideal client. It was also helpful for me to find out that the way I operate in the world was the same as my Ideal Clients.

I found some old branding notes. Hmm, now I know why I’m so good with helping others achieve clarity and understanding their Vibrational Design.

I can turn negatives into positives.
I can turn fear into courage.
I can go from scientific to spiritual, creating a new vision for the world.
I am a change agent.

I am good at interpreting.
I am the messenger of meaning.

I am a brilliant strategist.
I have the wisdom to imagine the promise and potential on behalf of the greater good.
I ‘posses’ the ability to illuminate the benefits and drawbacks based on chosen decision and actions without prejudice.
I create structures that shift society.
I am characterized by great imagination, insight and boldness.
I think in systems and can synthesize multiple data points.

Artist fits me quite well. I look at the world through the lens of innovation. When someone gives me one way to accomplish a task, I find 5 more. When there are 6 issues, I figure out the one thing I can do to clear up all of them rather than attacking each one individually.

My copy is reflective and empowering. I look to the past in order to understand the present and figure out the future. I am all about empowering people especially women. I have always made sense of things for myself and others. The way I operate in the world is through trust. I support women to trust in their intuition and imagination because I believe in the well supported women (important for everyone of course). Trust is important to me and is the way I move in this world. I am big on intuition and imagination.

Knowing who you are is also important to being in a leadership role because it allows others the opportunity to trust you.

“We are not born to be alone. We are born to be seen and understood. To love our self so we can love others in our community.” ~Linda Vettrus-Nichols

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