Where Do We Go to Talk About Men Stuff in the 21st Century?

July 18, 2017 Posted by Terry Earthwind Nichols - No Comments

Look into any church directory or do a web search for men’s groups and you will find more than most of us men can comprehend at one time.

I have been a member of many bible study groups for men, men’s awareness groups, and men’s empowerment groups in my lifetime. All of them were focused on what seemed to me as one theme – how can the divine help you?

The divine beliefs are fine and help a lot of men. But! What about those of us who are not having issues with the divine? Where can I go to just be me, “a man” and not have the testosterone flowing out of me?

You know what? Where can I go ‘with’ my partner in life and let them join in?

Many questions for sure!

For me, being affiliated with a group that is connected to a religion does not work for me.

So where can I go to be a man who cares about many issues surrounding this world we live in?

Well here is something to think about!

The Good Men Project is an online medium that is changing the way we look at the world and the way we, as men, look at ourselves. GMP, as we like to call it, is moving the way we think of about ourselves and others in a completely new way.

I invite you to have “The Conversation No-one Else is Having” every week in our unique “ConvoCasts” through our Social Interest Groups including:

#StopRacism – The Disposability of Men – Political Activism – Conscious Intersectionality – Men and Mental Health – Sex, Love, Etc. – #StopSexism – Education

Here are the groups we will start immediately with the first wave of funding:

Environmental Activism – Invisible Disabilities – Anti-Bullying – Eating Stereotypes for Lunch: Erasing Gender Stereotypes – Say Yes to Science! Science Advocacy and Activism – Blended Families – Spiritual Fitness – Seeing Trauma and PTSD – Fighting Poverty – Masculinity and Manhood: How are they evolving? – Healthy Emotional Intimacy – Non-Heteronormative Parenting – The Leadership Salon – Caregiving those with Disabilities: Whether you are a parent or caring for a parent – Divorced Dads + Divorced Moms – Co-Creating the Future Together – Pitch Your Idea to Us, We’ll Tell You If It’s Good – Finding Love and Dating in a Changing World

If you help us raise more than $25,000—YOU can help us create the groups that are most interesting to you. And those who contribute $1,000 or more can co-create a group with us.

Make a change for yourself and the world you live in. Click here

Thank you for helping us re-invent media. Thank you for your participation.